Romey Stuckart



"Hesitations Border", 2004, mixed media on paper, 11.25 x 30"

Fred Birchman

"Glass Jar Lid", 2009-11, oil on canvas, 26 x 30"

Brian Blackham

"Gray Room, Number 1", 2012, archival inkjet print (ed. of 3, 1 AP), 9x12"

David Brody

Untitled, no date, silver gelatin print, unique

Marsha Burns

"Tomorrow They Would Be Gone"

Kimberly Clark

"Bamboo Tower"

Steve Costie

Rose Hill

John Fadeff

"Portrait with Cap", 2014, oil on linen over board, 14 x 11"

Ann Gale

"Erase", 2014, archival inkjet print, 18 x 24"

Ellen Garvens

"Invisible Bonfire", 2001

Rimma & Valeriy

"Winter Lean II", 2013, oil on paper, 14 x 10" im., 19.5 x 15.5" fr.

Kathy Gore-Fuss

"Underway", 2014, oil on linen, 48 x 60"

Laura Hamje

"Horse on the Beach, Thailand"

Randy Hayes

"Indeterminate Landscape, September 13, 2001", 2001, acrylic on paper, 18x18"

Jim Holl

"473 Oliver", 2014, oil on canvas, 33.25 x 47.25"

Michael Howard

"Grey Portrait", 2012-14, acrylic & oil on panel, 14 x 14"

Amy Huddleston

"Wound, 2014, archival inkjet print, 13.5 x 9"

Caroline Kapp

"Madonna Bomb 3", 2012, archival pigment print, 37 x 96"

Dianne Kornberg


Carolyn Krieg


Phillip Levine

"Breathe In", 2013, oil & collage on canvas, 58 x 68"

Kathy Liao

Twilight Moons

Dale Lindman

"Split II", 2007, graphite & pigment on vellum, 11 x 14"

Robert Maki

"Drinking Party", 2012, ink on paper, 6 x 5.5"

Sean McElroy

"Trumpeter Swan"

Elizabeth Ockwell

"Figure as Part of the Landscape", 2013, oil on canvas, 60 x 50.5"

Anne Petty

"Outbuildings", 2011, acrylic on ledger paper, 5 x 5"

Robert Schlegel

"Hand Hollow", 1982, monoprint on paper, 14x18"

Stephen Schultz

"Construction #5", 2012, archival digital print, 19 x 13"

Graham Shutt

"Arm's Reach"

Romey Stuckart

"Tomatillos", 2011, oil on canvas, 36 x 36"

Laura Swytak

"Geneva Conventions"

Linda Thomas

Untitled (2), 2011, oil on paper, 8.25 x 8.75" image

Vannessa Tran

Innocent Age- Discarded Garb (Grass Dress)

Kathy Vargas

"Fresh Kills #5"

Susan Wides

"Still Life with Turquoise Bowl in Three Parts, Part 15" 2014, oil on linen

Jordan Wolfson

"Space between the Cars", 2005, charcoal on paper, 34 x 26"

Evelyn Woods

Light on Floor

Andrew Yates

Installation shot

Duane Zaloudek

Glenn Rudolph, "Silver Creek", 2008, archival inkjet print, 30 x 30"



"Milagro", 2009, graphite and pastelon paper, 29.5x21.5"

Combustion, 2008, charcoal on paper

"Combustion", 2008, charcoal on paper, 40x28"

DNA- Crown of Thorns, 2008, charcoal on paper

"DNA- Crown of Thorns", 2008, charcoal on paper, 35x23"

"In the Garden"

"In the Garden", 2008, charcoal on paper, 30x22"

"8 Original Cells"

"8 Original Cells", 2009, charcoal on paper, 24x19"

"Self-Portrait", nd, charcoal on paper, 30x22"

"Self-Portrait", nd, charcoal on paper, 30x22"

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Romey Stuckart

Romey Stuckart is a painter. She attended Gonzaga University graduating in 1977 and did graduate work at the University of Iowa receiving an MA/MFA in 1981. Romey grew up in Sublimity, Oregon and following graduate school has traveled extensively living in Italy, Spain, Yugoslavia, and France where she was an artist at the Camargo Foundation in Cassis. She moved to Idaho in 1987 with her husband, painter, Stephen Schultz. Living and painting in the woods for 15 years provided inspiration for much of her mature work. They moved to Sandpoint, ID in 2000 renovating an old machine shop and sewing factory creating great studios and a living loft where they currently work and reside.

Among the awards she has received are the Guggenheim Fellowship, an NEA, and the Idaho Commission for the Arts State Fellowship. She has taught at the University of Iowa, University of Texas at Austin and Simpson College. Romey has been a Visiting Artist, lecturing at several universities including the University of Washington, Indiana University, University of Oregon, University of Idaho, University of Iowa and Carlton College. Romey has also had her work selected by the Kennedy Center’s ArtsEdge National Educational Outreach Program: Classroom Earth, as well as for an Art’s out reach program in the state of Idaho.

Romey has had solos exhibitions at the Museum of Arts and Culture, Spokane, WA, The Salt Lake City Art Center, Cedar Rapids Art Center, Beal Park Art Center, Bozeman, MT., Linda Hodges Gallery, Seattle, WA., J. Crist Gallery, Boise, ID., Market Street Gallery, Venice, CA., Lorinda Knight Gallery, Spokane, WA., Morlen Sinoway Atelier, Chicago, Thomas Reilly Gallery, Chicago, Ariel Gallery, NYC.

Romey has been included in group exhibitions at the Frye Art Museum, Henry Art Gallery, Tacoma Art Museum, Boise Art Museum, Smithsonian Traveling Exhibition, Microsoft Corporate Campus, Lewis and Clark Art Center, Missoula Museum for the Arts, Cheney Cowles Museum, Spokane, Oregon College of Arts and Crafts, Portland, Yellowstone Art Center, Holter Art Museum, Helena Mt., University of Iowa Museum of Art, Des Moines Art Center, Ochi Gallery, Sun Valley, ID/Venice, CA, Victoria Boyce Gallery, Tuscon,/Scottsdale, AZ J. Crist, Boise, ID, Helen Copeland Gallery, Montana State University, Robishon Gallery, Denver,CO, Linda Hodges Gallery, Seattle, Viking Union Gallery, Western Washington University, Bellingham, WA ,Betty Moody Gallery, Houston, TX.